Letter from President

Hello and thank you for visiting our website. My name is Jason Celmer, and I am honored to serve both as a Brea Police Officer, and as the President of the Brea Police Association. In my role as President, I represent over 75 members of the Association, which includes Police Officers, Dispatchers, our Crime Scene Investigator, Property & Evidence Techs, Police Service Officers, Jailers and Parking Control Officers.

Having grown up in Brea, I know that it is a great place to live, work, play, and raise a family. In 2017, we will celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the incorporation of Brea as a city, and law enforcement began around the same time with our first Town Marshal, Harry Winchell. The city has grown a lot from the oil field and orange grove days of Marshal Winchell, and has seen many changes. What has not changed is the spirit of dedication, service, and sacrifice, of those who have chosen to pick up where Marshal Winchell and his successors left off.

Since the Association was first established in 1966, its members have faithfully served the residents and community in roles far beyond just that of protectors. We have been Brea residents ourselves, volunteers, coaches, mentors, and some have even gone on to serve as council member and mayor. In other words, we are part of your family, and you are part of ours. We are proud to serve you, and honored to have you as our partners in keeping Brea safe.


Jason Celmer
President, Brea Police Association

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